Street Outreach


To empower our clients to self-manage their own chronic health challenges, to the best of their abilities. We also provide preventative health care services. from a harm reduction perspective. At the Fredericton Downtown Health Centre, we strive to empower the next generation of nurses to work alongside clients to create lasting solutions to social justice.

Our target population is marginalized adults who are precariously housed. For our purposes, "adult" means anyone who can live independently without a guardian's supervision. Precariously housed means the client might be living in:

-Public spaces without legal claim (e.g. on the streets, in abandoned  buildings, in tents);

- Homeless shelters or transition homes

-Rooming houses in the downtown core.


We also serve seniors living in the downtown core that are struggling financially, socially,and/or physically to maintain housing and cannot transition to a more stable residence at this time.

Outreach Locations

We provide outreach services at our community partners' offices, which include: 


-Community Kitchen,

-Men's Shelter,

-Grace House,

-Greener Village Food Centre,

-Wilmot Church,

-Risteen's Landing,

-Evelyn Grove,

-Christ Church Catherdral,

-Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF).

We also provide outreach services on the streets and in downtown rooming houses such as 72 Regent Street and 246 Charlotte Street.