Tracey Rickards (RN PhD)


The Embedded Clinician Research role is designed to build capacity for, and support the creation of accountable healthcare organizations that mobilize research for transformation and impact, particularly to improve patient experience and outcomes, and quality of life for persons with chronic conditions.


Tracey Rickards (RN PhD), is an assistant professor with the Faculty of Nursing at UNB. She has been a nurse for 32 years and has been affiliated with the FDCHC since 2005, working as the Outreach/Research nurse and teaching nursing students completing their practicum at the clinic. Her interest is in social justice, community health, LGBTQI+ health, health of vulnerable populations such as immigrants, people living with addiction and people living in poverty. 

Recent research has included:

1. The Nurse Practitioner Evaluation – completed, published.

2. Reaching out to Diabetic Soles – completed, working on publication.

3. Stable Housing as an indicator to improve health outcomes – to be completed this summer.

4. COPD and early targeted screening as a path to addressing the growing COPD epidemic – to begin in July 2018, just awarded $5000 from SPOR PIHCI Patient’s Den.

5. Group appointments as a way to provide a multidisciplinary approach to health – in development.