Dietary Services

Our dietitian assesses dietary intake and provide nutrition advice to help people understand the impact of diet on their health and well-being, helping people live longer,  healthier lives.

One on One Nutrition Appointments

Food is an important part of life. Since everyone  needs to eat, everyone tends to have their own opinion about, and approach to, food. Couple that with an overwhelming amount of nutrition information in the media and it can be difficult to get reliable, evidence based answers.  Food has a large effect on your energy levels, mood, academic and athletic performance. 

A one on one Nutrition appointment may be appropriate for you if you:

· Have questions about food and nutrition

· Prevention or management of chronic diseases such as 

  • diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure

· Need ideas for healthy, quick, and low cost meals and snacks

· Dealing with food and nutrition concerns relating to food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer

· Infant and child feeding

· Feel that you could improve your energy levels or your performance

· Would like to improve your relationship with food and your body

· Have questions about dietary or sport supplements

To book an appointment or for more information, call 506-452-5900.